After a long week of working hard, planning for a weekend getaway would absolutely sound good. You visit and check their services. I bet it will be a perfect vacation especially if you are heading to the coast. There is no better way to enjoy your trip than to watch the rolling waves as you sit and drink your favorite cold drinks. It will definitely be a great trip if you choose to book a hotel near the beach.

Park Manor Hotel

Park Manor Hotel is one of the best hotels that you can go to if you are looking into exploring the beautiful Scarborough. It is located in the North Bay area, and so, it would be so easy for you to go to the beach whenever you want to. They have 42 guest rooms that range from standard to suite rooms depending on your budget. All their rooms come with high-standard modern designs. You can also choose the location of your room whether you want it to be on the front or side of the hotel. In Park Manor Hotel, rest assured that you will get the best value for your money.


A hotel on the beach is one of the most favorite destinations of couples who wanted to have some alone time. For some reasons, the beach seems romantic. You can just imagine having a dinner date on a balcony overlooking the ocean. Or, you can walk along the seashore while holding your partner’s hand as you watch the sunset. You will be able to feel the love in the air. So, if you are thinking about asking your special someone to spend a special weekend with you, you won’t regret getting a hotel room that is close to the beach.

Great for kids

If you have kids, booking a hotel near the beach would also work great. Children love to swim and play in the water so you are sure that they would enjoy this trip that you are thinking about. What else could be sweeter than to watch your lovely kids run and giggle as they play? It would be fun to see them trying to build a sand castle or splashing water on each other. You can never go wrong about a hotel that is just a few minutes away from the ocean. It is going to be a very memorable experience for you and your entire family.…