Driving has been made easy for driving companies. The company’s main aim is to make your driving experience enjoyable and paying. The top two riding companies are so Uber and Lift. They have been stack up against each other for quite a while. Quite often it’s difficult for users to choose between Uber and Lyft. The two, however, have pros and cons in the industry. Here is a breakdown of some of their services.


Customer service and support

There has been a rapid increase of users on both Uber and Lyft platforms. The value of customer service has been oncity traffic the decline due to the vast numbers. Getting response emails from Uber or Lyft take up to five days rendering it quite ineffective. Nevertheless, the companies have a good history in covering their drivers’ backs. For instance, Lyft has a driver lounge Facebook group where drivers get invitations.

In the Facebook group, Lyft personnel can answer questions from drivers. The Facebook forum has been very useful in getting to many customers. Apart from that Lyft has a 24/7 emergency call centers making them ever available to clients. Bothe Uber and Lyft have an online support where customers can submit queries.

Popularity and Growth

Uber has greater demand and more investors than Lyft. The company has been offering sign up bonuses for drivers who have left Lyft for them. Uber also has more cars than Lyft; their cars are also very prompt in arrival comparing to lyft. Uber cars are also evidently newer than Lyft cars. Uber bought its cars for the sole purpose of rideshare. In driving knowledge, Uber has male professional drivers with more experience than their counterparts in Lyft.

Consumer Cost

Regarding pricing, both companies, have similar terms of pricing. In both premium rides in SUV’sLimos and basic rides are quite expensive. Rides cost $1 to start, $1.50 per mile and $0.25 per minute. Cities with higher demand d ride like Los Angeles have a slightly different price for rides. The cost of your ride can increase at higher demand locations and times. However when comparing Uber versus Lyftcost, they are almost equal. Never the less if you are looking a fun drive then Lyft would be a better choice. They are friendlier and have themes to make your ride fun.


good city trafficBoth Uber and Lyft are leading companies in the transportation network. They have been rivalries for quite some time, but the similarities and differences can be clearly seen.

From them, you can see which company outdoes the other. It is clear that every business has some pros and cons in engaging in them. As a user, it is vital to evaluate each company critically and pick the one that suits you.

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